“We aim to be the global blockchain aggregator platform that organises and delivers streamlined startup and investing information, making it easily accessible and useful to the everyday investor”

Peter Lazou, co-founder & CEO

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Pitch60 is a global blockchain aggregator mobile app that makes finding investments in startups simple by bringing them direct to you. You say what you're looking for and Pitch60 finds them on whatever websites they are listed. No need to keep searching dozens of websites for startups looking to raise money because Pitch does all this for you and makes searching smart and faster.

How It Works


At Pitch60, we focus on crawling and aggregating through our in-built search engine, where you can have access to the latest, trending and featured startups, with the ability to search via keywords or specific criteria.


You can like and share through social media channels, participate in community networks, as well as follow the progress of founders and their startups, by monitoring and tracking in real-time through news related articles, with the option to deep dive for further data evaluation.


If you are a founder and want to showcase your startup your idea, all you have to do is complete the simple registration process and upload your 60 second pitch. It’s as simple as that! Once verified by our team your startup or idea will be featured automatically.

Blockchain Influence

Accelerators now have an extended reach to create and launch campaign events on the blockchain to recruit and enrol potential startups.

Pitch60 enables direct investment in fiat and crypto currency through the Lykke Wallet.

Using pre-defined smart contracts, our platform offers registered startups the opportunity to setup equity crowdfunding campaigns.

In addition:

- Direct cost positives such as transaction fee's.
- Arbitrage of crypto to fiat conversions.
- Instant liquidity premiums.
- Reduced zero counterparts risk of payments savings.
- Ledger savings by recording ownership on the blockchain.

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Investing in early-stage businesses is extremely risky, and is not for everyone. If you choose to invest in businesses displayed on pitch60.com, you need to be aware and accept that (1) it is significantly more likely than not that you will lose some or all of the money you invest, (2) you will likely be unable to sell your investment, (3) even if the business is successful, you will be unlikely to receive any cash return on your investment for many years, (4) ordinary events in the life of the business can cause your percentage ownership in the business to decrease, and (5) if you choose to invest in early-stage businesses, you should do so only in the context of a broader investment strategy whereby the vast majority of your investable capital is placed in safer, more liquid assets. For more information regarding the risks associated with early stage investments, please read our Risk Warnings.

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